FIVE STAR: Best in Client Satisfaction Real Estate Agents (SM) Announced
Posted: April 3, 2009
St. Louis, MO (April 3, 2009) - In the April 2009 issue of St. Louis Magazine, the 2009 FIVE STAR: Best in Client Satisfaction Real Estate Agents (SM) are announced.
St. Louis Magazine formed a partnership with Crescendo Business Services, an independent research firm, to identify the “best in client satisfaction” real estate agents serving the St. Louis area. This past September, Crescendo surveyed by mail and phone 24,000 St. Louis area residents who had recently purchased homes and 9,000 subscribers of St. Louis Magazine. An additional 250 surveys were sent to mortgage and title companies, who are often best able to judge a real estate agent’s technical skills and knowledge.
On the surveys, recipients were asked to evaluate only real estate agents whom they knew through personal experience. They were asked to evaluate them based upon nine criteria, including, customer service, integrity, market knowledge, communication, negotiation, closing preparation, finding the right home, marketing of the home and overall satisfaction.
By October, stacks of surveys had arrived and Crescendo began carefully scoring and screening each nominee with the Missouri State Real Estate Commission’s database to make certain that licenses were up to date and that no disciplinary actions were pending. Before finalizing the list, nominated agents were reviewed by a blue ribbon panel of local industry experts.
The panel consisted of realty company executives, professional and trade association officers and others directly involved in housing-related businesses. Although panelists’ comments were incorporated into the final score, safeguards were built into the review process to reduce the ability of panel members to influence the composition of the final list on the basis of company affiliation.
This year’s list of “FIVE STAR: Best in Client Satisfaction” real estate agents represents less than 5 percent of actively licensed real estate agents in the St. Louis area. We hope this list serves as a referral network for the 125,000 readers of St. Louis Magazine. Is this list exhaustive? Of course not. There are undoubtedly many other excellent real estate agents that are not on the list this year, but don’t be surprised to see them next year.
As with any research or recognition program, it is important that we provide you the following declarations:

The 2009 FIVE STAR Real Estate Agents do not pay a fee to be included in the research or the final list of FIVE STAR: Best in Client Satisfaction Real Estate Agents. The overall evaluation score of a real estate agent reflects an average of all respondents and may not be representative of any one client’s evaluation. The FIVE STAR Award is not indicative of the real estate agents future performance. The inclusion of a real estate agent on the FIVE STAR Real Estate Agent list should not be construed as an endorsement of the real estate agent by Crescendo Business Services or St. Louis Magazine. Working with a FIVE STAR Real Estate Agent or any real estate agent is no guarantee that the selected real estate agent will be awarded this accomplishment by Crescendo in the future. The research process for the FIVE STAR: Best in Client Satisfaction Real Estate Agent Program, managed by Quantitative Market Intelligence, incorporates a statistically valid sample in order to identify the real estate agents, of those evaluated, in the local market that scored highest in client satisfaction, with the final list representing less than 7% of the wealth managers in the local market. For more information on the FIVE STAR Award and the research/selection methodology, go to: